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Web[Time|ToolKit] ?

WebTime, written with Perl::ASP, is a project analysis and control system. It allows one to manage users with profiles, projects, tasks and clients...

In its last release, WebTime will allow the user not only to manage projects, along with their planning, but also to manage contacts and to electronically manage documents...

Comparison of cloud providers

WebTime 0.1.0
by SAS - 2003-05-27@11:15:04.077273

The 0.1.0 version of WebTime is now available for download. The installer is uptodate and the bug tracking tool is now complete. Coming with this new version is the new WebTime Toolkit package.
WebTime 0.1.0-pre3
by SAS - 2003-05-26@11:58:11.677707

You may now get WebTime 0.1.0-pre3 on the download page. A major bug, preventing a full use of postgresql, has been corrected. We cleaned the directory tree of some useless files. The install script (Install.PL) has been updated. It is now 0.1.0-version-optimized and will allow one to install client and server interfaces on different servers. 404 errors are now rerouted.
Gnumeric::Write 0.05
by SAS - 2003-05-26@11:57:03.433962

This new version corrects a bug preventing use of special characters. Hypertext links support has been added.
WebTime-ToolKit 0.08
by SAS - 2003-05-26@11:56:17.813658

There is no change that could affect WebTime behaviour. Changes concerns Wtk::Utile::Tree module used by ZoolMark.
by SAS - 2003-05-06@14:25:32.602981

We have just begun a new project: SWELL. The idea was to allow one to create SWF from XML files in which perl scripts can be added. On the "Project" page, you may find the 0.0.1 beta version and the PDF documentation.
~> Documentation ( 106 visites )
~> Swell project page ( 111 visites )
WebTime 0.1.0-pre2
by SAS - 2003-05-06@14:23:57.547963

As a proof of our non-ending work, despite the site downtime, you may now download the 0.1.0-pre2 version of WebTime. This new version includes XLS-formatted reports download, a better MySQL support and the client interface. This one only lacks bug tracker.
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