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Web[Time|ToolKit] ?

WebTime, written with Perl::ASP, is a project analysis and control system. It allows one to manage users with profiles, projects, tasks and clients...

In its last release, WebTime will allow the user not only to manage projects, along with their planning, but also to manage contacts and to electronically manage documents...

The current release of WebTime is in fact a "light" version of the project.


WebTime v0.0.7 (James Bond Version) by SAS (2002-05-14)
At last, 2 months later comes the Webtime 0.0.7 version. The install procedure has been completely re-written, i.e. the CGI script has been abandonned for a more classical "./configure && make" procedure. Concerning WebTime, the major changes are: Re-design of the calendar drawing; Introduction of time intervals for tasks input; Various skins possibility; Complete libraries and configuration files reorganization...

WebTime ToolKit v0.02 by SAS (2002-05-14)
Few changes in modules and classes, but a great increase in tests array.

WebTime-ToolKit by SAS (2002-04-05)
In order to have WebTime ready for 0.1.0 Version, the non specific libraries were taken apart, i.e. in a different package. This "Webtime Toolkit" comes under 0.0.1 version. It can be installed through the well-known commands sequence : "perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && make install". Beware it's only the 0.0.1 version. Therefore, it can't be thought of it as a stable version. Many things are left to be done in order to have a "clean" package. Anyway, it will be used starting from version 0.0.7 of WebTime.

At last, the 0.0.6 version is up :-) by SAS (2002-03-18)
The configuration files were modified, i.e. we waived the Config::IniFiles to use XML. What's more, we added a CGI script to configure WebTime.